Different Styles And Types Of Jeans Designed For Men: Know Before You Go

Everyone likes a pair of good jeans. But no one wants to get into the hustle of shopping for one. The most challenging thing that a man face in a store is to understand how many types of jeans are there. No wonder, there are infinite options of denim washes for you that you can easily decide. Also, there are various brand options that are dying for your attention but deciding which is best suitable for you is also a question.

However, the biggest problem is understanding the wide range of denim fits. For instance, what is the meaning of relaxed taper, what is the difference between slim fit and straight fit, how to choose a pair of jeans as per body type, and a lot more.

To help to avoid any issues with styles and types of denim wear, here is a comprehensive guide for all men. This guide will help find the right denim fit for you and will allow you to follow the right kind of style.

Straight Leg

This is one of the simplest types of jeans you can choose. It fits like the way it sounds. The silhouette of straight-leg jeans goes straight from hips till legs. This type of denim wear is just right for everyone. The fit of it is neither tight nor relaxed. Also, its mid-rise which is neither too high nor too low. Some brands often call it ‘regular straight’ and even ‘classic straight.’ If you are utterly confused then starting with a straight leg will do wonders. This way you will also be able to understand your body type and the desire to wear which fit.

Slim Taper

One should consider it as a last option after searching the whole wide section of skinny jeans. It is slim around the thigh area and offers a narrow fit at the bottom. These often come with a low-rise fit that sits at or below the hip area. However, men who have meatier legs should avoid such type. But men with the slim body can opt for it without any second thought.

Straight Taper

Another most common type of denim is a straight taper. As its name suggests, the silhouette of the straight taper is straight from the thighs and narrows down at knees and hem. These pair of denims offer great room around the thigh area and offer an amazing fit to the legs. If you are a person with big legs but want comfort as well as some structure around your legs then straight taper is the best option for you.

Slim Straight

Slim straight type offers a slim fit at the top and are straight at the knee. Many people also call it a simple fit for its silhouette. Men with slim physique can wear this style. Also, these come with a slightly lower rise and sits just above the hips. So, if you want slim and straight-looking jeans then this is the right type for you.


These western wear essential should be in everyone’s wardrobe. The cut of the denim was essentially made for wearing cowboy boots. They offer slim fit as well as relaxed. It offers a bell bottom flare at the hem which looks chic. Bootcut jeans come with a high rise whereas contemporary bootcuts have a low rise. These were immensely liked during the ’90s and have returned and Gen Z’s are going gaga over it.

Relaxed Straight

this is a more comfortable type that offers more legroom as compared to others. If you are someone with a big derriere as well as thighs then this is the best choice for you. These can be worn anywhere you wish to, be it for a casual day or a formal meeting. There is no compulsion that only men with big thighs can wear them. Even men with a skinnier build can opt for these.

Relaxed Taper

These are also known as ‘athletic fit.’ It is the best option for men who can never say no to leg day. Relaxed Taper has a roomier silhouette above the knee area and offers a tapered look below the knee. Anyone with robust gams can go for a relaxed taper and will rock it. Also, these are super comfortable and don’t allow you to miss on fashion and style.


Wide-leg offers superb breathability as well as comfort that will make you fall in love with them. These baggy jeans are so much in trend nowadays that every other person wishes to have them in their wardrobe. Choosing a wide leg will allow you to create a major fashion statement if worn correctly.


Buying a pair of jeans is not just any random decision. These are your wardrobe staple which means investing in them is a big decision. This is the reason finding the right of denim is highly essential. The above-mentioned guide will help you understand every type and will allow you to make the best decision.