How To Choose The Best Premium Jeans For Men Online Within The Budget?

Finding the best premium jeans is quite an easy task. There are so many premium brands that offer an extensive range of high-quality jeans in different styles, sizes, and shades. But, when it comes to the best premium jeans for men online at affordable prices then it’s quite difficult to get one. On top of that, it becomes even more cumbersome to find men’s jeans at competitive prices. Unlike women, men have limited options to flaunt. In the last couple of years, a lot of new jeans brands have emerged in India that make tall claims about offering the best and most affordable jeans. But, only a few of them lived up to their claims. Agatti is one such new men’s jeans brand in India that has been living up to its claims, quality, and affordability promises. The brand offers the best premium jeans for men online in various styles, designs, fits, sizes, and shades without putting the quality at stake.

With the ever-expanding apparel industry in India, Agatti is making solid footprints in the market with its focus on offering quality within the budget of consumers.

Choose from the Latest & Trending Jeans Styles

Agatti has recently unveiled its brand new collection of men’s jeans. Each piece speaks volumes about fitting, style, and quality. Let’s take a quick look at the styles that are being offered by the brand.

Straight leg

The brand offers a good collection of straight-leg jeans to give you a classic silhouette. Every pair of jeans under this category is designed with enough space in the seat and thigh to make it a perfect pair of jeans for daily wear. The best part is that men can get it at highly affordable prices.


Knowing the popularity of skinny-fit jeans among youth, the brand has recently brought a fresh collection of skinny-fit jeans to give enough room to boys and men to show their well-toned thighs and calves. Every pair speaks volumes about styles, fabric, and fit. One can easily go ahead with the collection without going wrong.


If you are a muscular or body-builder then tapered fit is what you should be looking for. Agatti knows the generation of gym lovers who love to flaunt their well-toned legs in public. So, the brand offers a rich collection of tapered-fit for all those who have bulky thighs. It is designed in such a way that you get enough room at the top and narrow style at the bottom to give a balanced look. It is a perfect fit for all those who are looking for a slim and skinny fit. So, the brand will give you a good collection of tapered-fit jeans.


Knowing the popularity of boot-cut jeans nowadays, especially in the Punjabi music industry, Agatti has exclusively unveiled a collection of boot-cut jeans for men with slim thighs and an outward taper at the bottom to give a western country look. It is considered as real manly jeans for a bold and outrageous look. So, men can find a great range of boot-cut jeans in its new collection.


Those who like to have fitted style jeans without much skinny look can go with the brand’s slim-fit jeans. Agatti offers a rich collection of slim-fit jeans that offer a lot of room around the legs and come with a tapered opening at the bottom. Every pair is designed with a sheer amount of hard work to give the best quality. The best part is that the brand offers different shades to choose from.


Those who love to wear relaxed-fit jeans can get the best pair at Agatti’s online store. The brand offers a comfortable range of relaxed-fit jeans that are designed with so much room right from the top to the bottom. The comfortable fitting and subtle shades will make you go weak in the knees.

What Else Agatti Offers?

Different rises for all jeans styles

Agatti doesn’t compromise on the quality and fitting. It keeps an eye on every pair of jeans and tries to offer different rises in every style mentioned above. Men can choose from low rise to high rise to mid-rise jeans in every segment.

Multiple colors

Men often find it difficult to get different shades in jeans. However, Agatti ensures to offer popular and unique shades in almost every style of jeans to enhance men’s jeans style quotient. Every man has a different color choice and to meet everyone’s requirement, the brand closely monitors new trends and colors to bring the best collection forward.

Different washes

When it comes to denim washes, Agatti leaves no stone unturned to offer much more than the staple ones. Men can find light wash jeans, to flaunt a laidback look, medium wash jeans for all types of outings, dark wash jeans to create a bold statement, black jeans for formal meetings/outings, and white jeans for some special occasions. Hence, the brand gives enough choices to men to pick the best wash without making them compromise with the pair of jeans.


This is the best feature of Agatti jeans. Knowing the recent trend of soaring jeans prices, the brand takes a different way. It offers the best premium jeans for men online without compromising on quality. Keeping affordability on priority it leaves no stone unturned to ensure every pair of jeans go through several quality checks before moving to the online store.


Knowing the hectic lifestyle and professional liabilities, the brand offers the best range of jeans for men online. Men can easily browse through the rich collection of jeans online to get their favorite pair right at their doorstep without moving out of the home. And, with easy returns, multiple payment options, discounts, and offers, the brand makes it more fun to do men’s jeans online shopping right from the comfort of the bedroom.


Agatti is not just a brand, it’s a movement to offer high-quality jeans at affordable prices. So, if you are still searching for the place or a brand to get the best premium jeans for men online without burning a hole in your pocket then Agatti is the answer for you. eKartzon is exclusively partnered with Agatti Jeans. If you are looking to buy this premium jeans, visit eKartzon and shop it and avail other exclusive offers too.